Questions You May Have

What is the average menu price range?
     Price ranges from $5.95 to $11.95
Is an hors d'oeuvre reception a less expensive alternative to a full meal?
     It depends on the amount of people and the length of the event.  Give us a call and we can access that for you.
Can I see or taste the foods I am thinking about?
     We do offer tasting of 3 menu items if requested.
Do I need to contact a rental company for tables, chairs, linens, plates and silverware?
     If those items are needed, we get the count and handle all of the ordering, delivery, set up as well as returning equipment.
Who will help me plan the event and oversee my party on the day of the event?
     The owner John Gerratano is always present every step of the way.
Can Gerratano's provide a complete staff?  What will the staff wear?
     A complete staff upon request is arranged as well as being dressed appropriately.
Can Gerratano's provide the alcohol for my party?
     If requested, alcohol can be arrange with proper notice.
Will Gerratano's do things like setting out centerpieces & favors?
     Gerratano's does provide special services of this nature upon request.
How do I go about booking an event?  What is the deposit and payment schedule?
     Give us a call at 585-467-7235 and or go to the request a quote page and we will be happy to accommodate all of your catering needs.